We take responsibility for the organization of all customers' logistics processes
About us
Planeta Contracts Ltd. is a Lithuanian company providing logistics and commercial services since 2010

We are in constant contact with more than 400 carriers, of which we work regularly with 55-60. By contacting our company, you can take advantage of various types of transport services that will transport your cargo by land, water and air. In addition, for long-term cooperation, we offer our customers confidentiality, competitive prices, as well as accurate and detailed cargo location information
SINCE 2010
Planeta Contracts in numbers:

work to ensure your cargo arrives safely at its destination

we work with to get your cargo anywhere in the world

no matter where the final destination is, your cargo will reach it
Our values
We solve all tasks at every stage of complex and multi-layered cargo transportation
You do not have to contract with many companies responsible for individual stages of the supply chain
You do not need additional staff to be able to control contractors if new logistics directions emerge in different parts of the world. Our staff will ensure a reliable delivery of your goods
We ensure that all agreements will be implemented on time. You can be sure your cargo will be in good hands!


We make logistics simple, transparent and useful for customers

We are responsible for cargo security and contract enforcement at all stages of transportation

We organize logistics of the complexity of
the route or cargo
discussion and determination of the mode of transport
cargo loading
registration of customs documents
delivery of cargo to the destination
customs clearance of goods and documents
unloading cargo at the destination
Our services
Car transportation

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Groupage transportation

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Rail transportation

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Container transportation

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Air transportation

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Water transportation

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Car transportation
Freight transport by road is the predominant mode of transport that more and more companies are trying to use. It is a universal type of cargo transportation, which can create an optimal logistic route, thus increasing efficiency and prompt delivery of the required cargo to any address

We offer various types of international and local road transport for:
  • transport of full cargo
  • group cargo
  • oversized cargo
  • dangerous cargo

In addition, their safety does not depend on weather and seasonal conditions
Groupage transportation
Aggregate cargo is cargo transported in group shipments. We transport group cargo of different customers in one transport and they pay only the part of the delivery costs that corresponds to the volume and location of their cargo
Rail transportation
The popularity of this type of delivery is that the cargo arrives at its destination on time and immediately. After all, rail transport does not depend on many of the factors inherent in aircraft or road transport. Our specialists choose the best route based on the cargo and destination

Freight transportation by rail is one of the fastest and safest ways to move freight over long distances. In addition, the longer the distance, the more economical the price of the route

Depending on the type of cargo, we offer:
  • Container transport by rail
  • Transportation in different types of wagons, depending on the characteristics of the transported goods

At the customer's request, we are ready to organize the delivery of cargo to the railway station
Container transportation
Container transportation is a modern method of cargo delivery, which uses special containers for transportation. In total, there are several dozen different containers, both larger and smaller

The most popular method of delivery is door-to-door. In this case, the containers are sent directly to the customer's warehouse. The time and place of shipment are determined by the customer
Air transportation
International air freight is the fastest and safest way of delivery. Air delivery reduces any external factors, guaranteeing content security and speed of order fulfillment

We ship and receive cargo by air worldwide. We also work directly with airlines, so we will quickly select a flight for your cargo
Water transportation
We deliver cargo by sea and river transport in cases where land transport routes are economically unsuitable or do not meet the specified requirements

We select ship types according to safety standards and design documents, as well as customer requirements and insurance company restrictions. We also develop cargo plans and, if necessary, cargo layout and securing projects